New Dress Code

Due to student request, we have updated our dress code. The dress code is as follows:

● Long khaki color or black pants/slacks (any brand)

● Khaki color or black skirt or shorts that are mid-thigh or longer length

● Closed toe shoes (i.e., no flip flops or open-toed sandals)

● Long or short sleeve solid navy blue, light blue, white, or black collared polo shirts. The polo shirt may have a small logo (e.g. alligator) but no other writing or images.

● Students may wear a solid color white, navy blue, light blue, brown, or black sweater or jacket without a hood.

Students may wear HTLA hoodies. No other hoodies will be allowed.

● Hats and/or bandanas are not allowed to be worn inside the school.

The biggest changes are the allowance of black colored garments for the legs. Please note, jeans are not allowed even if they are black. Leggings are not slacks and are therefore also not allowed.

We recognize that many students like to wear hoodies. Approved hoodies are available for sale at the front desk. But, to help with the transition, each student will be provided with an HTLA hoodie free of charge at the beginning of the school year. Please adhere to the dress code. If a student is out of dress code, we will call home to have approved clothing brought to the school. Repeated violations will result in disciplinary consequences that could include lunch detention, Saturday detention or suspension. We want all students in class and in dress code. Please follow this dress code at all school events unless otherwise stated.

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