HTLA's Academic Counselor:

Graduation Core Course Requirements

All students are required to take a rigorous full load of courses each year. Aside from our core course requirements listed below, beginning in the 2010-11 academic year, students no longer received credit toward graduation for courses in which they had not received a C or higher.

4 Years of Social Studies

  • Humanities A/B (9th grade)
  • World History A/B
  • US History A/B (Honors available)
  • Government/Economics

4 Years of English

  • English 9 A/B
  • English 10 A/B
  • American Literature/Contemporary Composition (Honors available)(11th grade)
  • Expository Reading and Writing

4 Years of College Prep Math

  • Math 1AB, Math 2AB, Math 3AB or Honors Math 3AB
  • Statistics, Pre-Calculus or Honors Advanced Calculus (12th grade)

4 Years of College Prep Science

  • Physics A/B (9th grade)
  • Chemistry A/B (Honors available)(10th grade)
  • Advanced Biology A/B (Honors available)(11th grade)
  • Honors Advanced Physics A/B (12th grade), Forensics A/B or Environmental Studies A/B (12th grade)

Other Graduation Requirements

1 Year Visual or Performing Art – (Digital Photography)
2 Years Spanish
1 Semester Internship (Sr. year)
Computer Literacy (each year; 9-12)
Physical Education (each year; 9-12)
Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)
Pass the yearly Transitional Presentations of Learning