Genocide Awareness Project

Driving Questions

What constitutes genocide? How do acts of genocide affect the victims, their families, and society as a whole?

Project overview

This project is designed for students to learn about the issue of genocide, both in historical context and in current events. The project incorporates English, history, and chemistry concepts. Students read the novel "Night" by Elie Wiesel. A series of journal activities accompany this reading. Students make the Holocaust-related paint pigment Prussian Blue using chemical reactions and lab techniques. Students research major events that contributed to the Holocaust, and write a mini-book (to be completed in History class) that demonstrates an escalation in violence of Nazi policies between 1935-1945. Students are exposed to current and historical issues regarding genocide. Students visit the Museum of Tolerance and reflect on their experience.

Culminating Project

Students will create an artistic representation of their "big picture" takeaway. In other words, each student will create a painting that represents their perspective on genocide. Artwork is displayed for parents, teachers, and other community members. A description must be provided that justifies symbols and other imagery that appear in the painting. Paintings will be auctioned, and proceeds will be donated to Operation Donation.