P.O.P. (Pop Original Project) Day is an occasional tradition at HTLA, and the goal is to suspend normal classes, and have a school-wide project instead for the whole day. We call it POP Day. The actual date of the event varies from year to year, and is a highly-guarded secret until revealed to the students.

2014 Spring

The POP Day task for Spring 2014 is to make a film portraying the underlying theme of your class. Each graduating class at HTLA has their own story and unique personality. This year's project is a test is to see which Advisory can put together the best film about their class in a limited amount of time.

POP Day 2014 Introduction video:

On Feb. 14, students were emailed a valentine at the beginning of 2nd period. Upon reaching the Great Room, they watched this video. "Agent M" then opened the case to reveal that it was POP Day.

POP Day 2014 winning video:

The winner of "Best Picture" came from a 12th-grade advisory and featured an original song that the students wrote, performed, and recorded, entirely on POP Day.

2012 Fall

The POP Day task for Fall 2012 is to try to become President. On the eve of the 2012 US presidential election, students selected political parties and tried to get one of their candidates elected. They participated in primary debates, primary elections, general debates, and a final culminating general election.

2012 Spring

The POP Day task for Spring 2012 is to create a Rube Goldberg machine to turn in your homework. See the description here and the video below for the results.


The POP Day task for 2011 is to promote class spirit. Each cohort of students competes in various activities against the other 3 cohorts.


The POP Day task for 2010 is to compete in an Amazing Race, accomplishing a series of tasks to earn points and prizes.