What are the admission requirements?
  • There are no academic admission requirements for HTLA! Students simply apply and admission is done by lottery.
Is there a "sibling preference" when it comes to admission to HTLA?
  • Siblings are automatically admitted.
Can a student with an IEP apply?
  • Yes. HTLA provides services to students with IEPs.
Is HTLA a Math/Science school?
  • HTLA is an inquiry-based school where the lines between "technical" and "academic" are deliberately blurred. While we encourage students with interests in math and science to apply, and while we provide exciting, cutting edge experiences in math and science, similar excitement and quality are to be found in the humanities and the arts. HTLA offers students a high quality broad-based education that will serve them in all phases of adult life.
What is curriculum integration?
  • Curriculum at HTLA is framed around answering questions and solving problems. Integration at HTLA means that we address issues as they are found in the real world-- in teams, studying questions and themes that cut across disciplines. In a well integrated curriculum unit, students experience pursuing one important question or theme in several classes.
I'd prefer to take college chemistry rather than 10th grade chemistry at HTLA. May I?
  • Because we believe in the value of teaching teams and project-based learning, we are very clear that students can take college courses in addition to our program, but not instead of our program.
What foreign language classes are offered?
  • HTLA students take Spanish 1 and 2. If a student wishes to take additional Spanish or another foreign language at a community college - in additon to HTLA Spanish 1 and 2--they may do so by obtaining a concurrent enrollment form from the academic counselor.
I already took physics (or algebra or geometry) in middle school, so I don't want to take it at HTLA.
  • While courses taken before HTLA may indeed be valuable, we believe that courses taken at other schools are not the equivalent of the HTLA experience. All entering 9th grade students must take the HTLA 9th grade curriculum.
Why doesn't HTLA offer AP classes?
  • At HTLA we believe that AP classes are not the best path for a deep and broad education. Instead of preparing our students for an end of the semester test created by the College Board, we think that students are better served by engaging in interdisciplinary, inquiry and project-based instruction. This allows students to delve deeply into the curriculum. In addition, a student must earn at least a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP test to receive college credit for the course - if the college accepts AP test credits. We prefer that students take actual college courses - in the summer or after school - that are always accepted by colleges and universities.
Won't I be at a disadvantage because I do not have the additional points on my GPA because I haven't taken AP classes?
  • No. There is no difference between the additional grade point given for AP classes and the additional grade point that is given for honors level classes. Any student may enter into an "honors contract" with their teacher. After fulfilling the contract (often an additional project or reseach and presentation) you will receive honors credit and the additional grade point on your transcript.
Will HTLA's unique approach harm students' chances of getting into the college of their choice?
  • Thus far, 100% of HTLA graduates have been accepted to a 2 or 4 year college. A complete list of colleges and universities where HTLA students have been accepted can be found on our profile (under "College Counseling").
Are there sports teams at HTLA?
  • No.
Can I go to another school and play on their team?
  • No.
What is the school uniform?
  • Beige khaki pants or skirt and navy blue, light blue, white, or black polo shirts. HTLA sells white and navy blue polo shirts in the main office for $22.00, but students are not required to wear a polo shirt with the HTLA logo. Sweatshirts are not allowed nor are hooded jackets. Student may wear a white, blue, or black sweater or jacket over their uniform.