Core and Cutting Edge Curriculum
HTLA is a small learning community in which teachers effectively incorporate technology into the classroom, gearing their expertise to individual learning styles and making HTLA a model school demonstrating “best practices” in secondary education. All students receive a rigorous college–bound curriculum and must meet or exceed the A-G requirements for entrance into the University of California as their high school graduation requirements. With a deep commitment to impact the job readiness of students, HTLA is ambitious in the exploration of STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Simultaneously, as we have grown over the years, our humanities staff has proven itself to also be equally strong and demanding as demonstrated by our student’s future interest in everything from architecture and the arts to history, international studies, creative writing and journalism.

Advanced Courses
HTLA customizes its courses to individual students. Teachers work to challenge students to their highest abilities. Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 have the option to contract with teachers and take classes for honors credit. Honors courses are rigorous and should be viewed as college-level study. Students in the senior class are able and encouraged to take one course off-campus at a local community college instead of enrolling in our elective courses. The alternate semester seniors complete an internship at a local business.

Project-Based Learning
An essential component of the HTLA program is project-based learning in which students utilize a variety of technological tools to approach academic subjects. Projects require students to apply skills in situations that mirror professional environments. Continuous learning is facilitated through the students’ ability to connect with teachers and peers outside of the classroom since collaborative projects can be continued via the Internet.

Academic Internships
Through relationships with business partners, students benefit from internships and gain valuable professional feedback working and learning on-site at businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations and professional associations. Each HTLA student must complete an internship during the senior year. All students are interviewed and assigned a mentor. HTLA has developed academic internships with over 30 local businesses and organizations including: Boys and Girls Club, Chef Merito Inc., Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley, Providence Tarzana Medical Center, I.D. Me Promotions, Kaiser Permanente, Mid Valley Chamber of Commerce, Mike’s Roofing Service Co., Inc., Neighborhood Legal Services, North Valley Chamber of Commerce, Office of Congressman Brad Sherman, Roberts Tool Co. Inc., Southland Regional Assoc. of Realtors, The Los Angeles Sparks, Time Warner, Volunteer Center of Los Angeles, New Horizons, Encino Elementary School, and Valley Economic Development Corp.

Courses and Electives Offered

English: Expository Reading and Writing AB,, American Literature Composition, Honors American Literature Composition, Contemporary Composition, English 10A/B, English 9 A/B, Humanities A/B

History/Social Studies: Principles of American Democracy, US History 20th Century A/B, Honors US History 20th Century A/B, World History, Culture, & Geography: Modern World A/B

Mathematics: Math 1AB, Math 2 AB, Math 3AB, Honors Math 3, Statistics and Probability A/B, Pre-Calculus A/B, Honors Advanced Calculus A/B

Lab Science: Biology A/B, Honors Advanced Biology A/B, Chemistry A/B, Honors Chemistry AB, Physics A/B (9th grade), Honors Physics A/B (12th grade)

Foreign Language: Spanish 1 A/B, Spanish 2 A/B

Visual/Performing Arts: Drama A/B, Photography 1 A/B, Advanced Acting/Play Production A/B

Electives (offered on a rotating basis): Economics, Journalism 1 A/B, Philosophy A/B, Science Technology & Research 1 A/B, Environmental Studies A/B, Constitutional Law, International Relations, Film: The Integrated Art/Documentary Studies, Science and Technology Research I & II, Marine Biology A/B, Molecular Biology A/B, Personal Finance, Human Sexuality, Music and Technology A/B (guitar), Web Programming A/B, Computer Programming, Screenwriting, Logic, Project Science, Digital Media, Art History, History of Math, Sociology, Urban Agronomy, Yearbook Journalism, Robotics, Brain Mind and Consciousness.

X-Block (our version of P.E. offered on a rotating basis): Yoga, archery, pilates, football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, conditioning, skateboarding, dance, running, tai chi, Dance Dance Revolution, power walking, and basketball.