Alternate Assignment for 9th Graders Who Did Not Attend the Field Trip

Alternate Assignment

UCSD and University of San Diego

Information Sheet


This assignment is due Friday, May 5, 2017 before 8:00 AM to the Main Office.  It is worth 100 points in your English class. 

Research each school and answer the following questions in complete sentences.


·      Full Name of School

·      Location - address

·      Website

·      Yearly tuition cost for in state. 

·      Yearly tuition cost for out of state.

·      Yearly cost for room and board.

·      How many miles away from HTLA is the school?

·      Average GPA for admitted freshmen.

·      Average SAT or ACT scores for admitted freshmen.

·      How many undergraduate majors are offered?

·      When is the financial aid deadline for the 2017-2018 school year?

·      How many colleges and schools what are their names?

·      Which of the 2 schools is “faith based?”

·      Does the school have an office or department for students with disabilities?  If yes, what is the name of the office or department?

·      Describe the various study abroad programs:  What countries are available to study abroad in?  During what academic year do students typically study abroad?  What is the cost to study abroad?  How long do students study abroad ( full year, semester or quarter?  Summer?) and what is the cost?